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Integrate Gmail and the LeadMaster CRM Seamlessly

Gmail and your CRM. Two essential components critical for a successful business.

But do you find it frustrating to constantly switch between your CRM and Gmail contacts?

We have a solution for this – the Gmail Chrome Extension for LeadMaster.

Built directly into your Gmail inbox as a sidebar, our extension allows you to send Gmail data straight into the CRM, while changes in the CRM are reflected back into your Gmail extension.

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Desktop view of LeadMaster's CRM in Gmail with arrows pointing to LeadMaster icon and rate it button



Work Straight From the Gmail Inbox


Desktop view of LeadMaster pop up button in Gmail message






Straight from Gmail, you can:

Add Contacts to the CRM with the click of a button. Make any modifications or additions that you need, then click “Add to CRM.” The contact information from Gmail is inserted dynamically.

Update contact information from Gmail and send the updated data to the LeadMaster CRM.

Desktop view of LeadMaster's CRM in Gmail with arrows pointing to update to CRM button and primary email field



Desktop view of LeadMaster's CRM in Gmail with arrow pointing to add address button


Add additional information by clicking the more button at the bottom of the sidebar.


Insert address information easily so your contact information in the LeadMaster CRM is complete.


The sidebar is easy to use and instantly moves data between Gmail and the CRM.


Desktop view of LeadMaster's CRM in Gmail with arrow pointing to email option in drop down menu



Track email history by simply clicking the drop down menu.


All emails sent between Gmail and LeadMaster are tracked and easy to access.




Lead nurturing has never been easier with the LeadMaster Gmail Chrome Extension.


Instantly add Gmail contacts to a lead nurturing campaign by clicking a button.


The lead nurturing pop up you’re used to seeing in LeadMaster appears and you’re good to go.



Quickly add notes that can be sent to the CRM about Gmail messages.


The integration between LeadMaster and CRM makes using both tools easier.





Need to schedule an appointment or callback from a Gmail message?


No problem. A popup box appears and you’re ready to do so.


Also, you can track past callbacks and tasks in the sidebar.



Desktop view of LeadMaster's CRM in Gmail with arrow pointing to comments & notesDesktop view of LeadMaster's CRM in Gmail with arrow pointing to navigation bar on the right side


Find Out More

To download the Chrome extension, visit

For more information on the Chrome extension, read the blog

Sending beautiful emails is also a snap with the LeadMaster Chrome Extension. When you install the plugin, all of your LeadMaster templates are available for you to draw upon when you compose messages for Gmail.

The Chrome tool is completely free to use, intuitively easy and instantly integrates your Gmail and LeadMaster Data.

Other Features

-Integrate your LinkedIn data as well. After you install the extension, a blue button appears on your LinkedIn contact profile. Simply click the button and your LinkedIn data is sent to LeadMaster as a new contact.

-Easily send contact data through email signatures. Right click on the contact’s email signature and import name, company, phone number, and more.

We understand how important convenience  is to our customers, which is why we are constantly creating more innovative tools to automate business processes.

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