LeadMaster Product Evolution

2019 РComing soon APP5, a completely rearchitected software platform.  While it looks the same, it has a completely new code base providing a faster and more responsive user experience.  Unlike past upgrades, this version of the application requires a conversion from previous versions.  LeadMaster representatives will provide converion services free of charge to all existing customers through Dec 31, 2019.

2018 – LeadMaster introduces¬†fully backward compatible APP4, the last 100% backward compatible upgrade to the CRM plaform.¬† Customers can change between versions –¬†APP,¬†APP2,¬†APP3 &¬†APP4 just by changing the login URL.¬† All future software releases will require a data conversion to use the new software.

2016 РLeadMaster introduces fully backward compatible APP3, the feature-rich enhancement to the CRM platform including new custom fields, new Smart forms, new landing pages, updating marketing automation, dozens of integrations including PieSync, Zapier and Integry along with call center / VOIP integrations like Ring Central and much more.

2014 – LeadMaster introduces Lead-Xpress, the low cost way to distribute leads to sales reps and provide them with easy one-click access the CRM so you know what’s happening with the sales leads.

2012 РLeadMaster introduces fully backward compatible APP2, refining the modern user interface and adding new features.

2010 РLeadMaster introduces fully backward compatible APP, the modern user interface for the CRM plaform.

1998 – LeadMaster introduces Customer Relationship Management software available over the internet.