Lead-Xpress – Super Simple CRM $15

Their customer service is the best I’ve ever had. I have only ever dealt with one person, she has been beyond wonderful with me and my team. I’m not tech savvy at all; I tell him what I need and she finds a way to get it done. I also have a wide age range of reps and they all find the app very easy to use. I looked at several CRM’s and for the price, Leadmaster was the perfect fit for us.


Advanced Pain Care

LeadMaster offers a comprehensive CRM at a great price. It allows our company to manage customers and leads efficiently. The sales and customer service support is fantastic as well.


Great Lakes Label

Having struggled through two inadequate database and communications systems for my college, I was looking for a low-cost product that would give me a high degree of autonomy within the system and infuse our office with efficiency in managing our sales process. Running a college admissions office is similar to selling a widget, but there are enough differences that I needed to be able to customize this system in order for it to function in an educational environment. We hit a home run with Leadmaster. Having worked with more than five different databases in my career, I have found that Leadmaster matches or exceeds the efficiency of my previous experiences, while meeting all the needs and demands of communicating with my prospective students in this day and age. From texting to email to phone calls, I have been able to create a comprehensive communication system using Leadmaster.


Manager of Admissions, Nebraska Christian College

I like its integration with Outlook and Google Calendar. It’s very user friendly.


Bank of America

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Simple to learn
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Lots of features

Lead Management
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