Solving Today’s Lead Tracking Challenges

Many companies are discovering that relying on homegrown technology solutions and spreadsheets for lead tracking and other sales and marketing functions just doesn’t cut it any more. Even contact management systems such as ACT! and Goldmine — for years considered an essential tool for every successful sales rep — have become outmoded.

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Businesses need to move faster than ever to build effective sales lead management and marketing campaigns, respond to customer needs and close sales. Relying on these old systems can mean costly delays, resulting in lost sales and reduced revenue. In addition to revenue shortfall, there is a real danger of losing valuable client data when a sales reps leaves, since the information often resides on the individual’s system, rather than in a centralized corporate lead tracking database.

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Yesterday’s tools don’t give today’s business teams the access to the information they need to compete. All too often, marketing and sales are treated like separate entities both in company practice and in the technologies they use. This disconnect inhibits the development of a dynamic closed loop lead tracking process where data is not only collected, but acted upon in the most effective way possible and the results measured to provide insights that can inform and improve future business decisions, marketing activities and sales processes.

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Taking it to the Next Level with LeadMaster Lead Tracking

LeadMaster’s lead management system is designed to deliver tangible benefits to each part of the team.

Benefits for the Sales Organization

  • Automating basic tasks means less time-consuming paperwork and a shorter sales cycle.
  • Custom views and user-friendly interface let reps get in and out faster.
  • Reps have more time to focus on their real talent: selling.
  • More complete customer and prospect profile data enhances the ability to identify the most qualified prospects, improves customer interaction and results in higher close ratios.
  • Forecast and pipeline reports support individual and team planning, goal setting and evaluation.

How can you achieve these results for your business? If you’re thinking that the only choice is to spend millions of dollars and months (or years) implementing a sales customer relationship management (CRM) application, think again. Using the LeadMaster web-based sales lead management application that focuses specifically on managing the marketing and sales process can streamline your operations, increase effectiveness and boost productivity. Even more importantly, this technology engenders the kind of closed loop tracking system that enables your company to maximize return on investment and drive revenue.

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The LeadMaster web-based lead tracking application offers an easy-to-implement solution. Delivered over the internet and requiring only a web browser, applications such as LeadMaster’s online sales and marketing system provide authorized users with 24/7 access to their centralized company database; tools for lead tracking and campaign management, data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement are all at their fingertips. Data from every customer touchpoint — from inquiries submitted from a company website to telemarketing responses complete with survey answers — is brought into a centralized database.

Benefits for the Marketing Organization

  • A closed loop lead tracking system acts as a valuable feedback mechanism, providing insight into both campaign effectiveness and individual customer preferences.
  • Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Market Segmenation are key components of the system for the marketing team.
  • Measuring return on investment according to campaign supports informed decision-making and budgeting for future initiatives.
  • Real-time lead tracking and reporting allows users to see what’s working (and what’s not) so that messages can be refined accordingly.
  • Knowledgebase and data mining tools facilitate audience targeting for future promotions.
  • Additional value-add capabilities such as promotion-specific microsites and event registration cut down on administrative costs.

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This lead tracking process feeds the sales engine and helps ensure that the leads generated by the campaign are being followed up, not lost in a black hole. Hot leads can be assigned to sales reps for immediate follow-up while others may be routed to the appropriate area for further qualification and marketing activities. Progress is tracked through each step in the sales cycle and the team responsible for an opportunity continues to update the record throughout, building a valuable profile while also ensuring accountability.

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Reporting and data mining tools offer a means for managing day-to-day activities through functions such as call reports but also plays an integral part in activity tracking, longer-term planning, opportunity management and forecasting. These analysis tools also enable the critical measurement element of an effective closed loop system. Measuring which campaigns and sales channels produce the highest return on investment provides empirical data to inform and improve future efforts by refining marketing messages, improving sales processes and boosting overall business performance.


In an economy where staying in the game depends on maximizing the return on investment for every marketing dollar and constantly improving close ratios, a web-based sales lead tracking and marketing system can mean the difference between a thriving business and a faltering one. More than just cutting bottom-line costs, a company leveraging technology to improve its business processes can ultimately boost revenue and increase top-line growth.

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