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What to Expect During Your Free Trial of Our Lead Managing Solution

While most free trials of lead tracking software limit your access to features, that’s not our approach at LeadMaster. We provide you with complete use of our cloud-based lead managing solution during your free trial, which lets you maximize its impact on your company and begin to measure — and see — its results.
Our team of Certified LeadMaster Consultants is always available to help you. Whether you have questions, need advice, or want to learn more about our web-based lead management solution, we’re here for you both online and over the phone.

What to Try During Your Free Trial of Our Web-Based Lead Management Software

No matter your industry, from marketing and advertising to education and healthcare, there are plenty of tools and features to test during your free trial of our web-based lead management software. If you’re not sure what to try out, our team has plenty of recommendations.

Some of our favorites include the ability to

  • Integrate with your other applications, including Salesforce
  • Streamline your sales funnel and lead distribution
  • Schedule automated email marketing and lead nurturing processes
  • Generate a range of reports, such as for measuring marketing campaigns

One of the best parts of our online lead tracking software’s free trial is the training. While other applications require a day-long seminar, introducing your team to the tools within our cloud-based solutions takes an hour or less, so you can maximize the effect of your free trial.
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