The right CRM choice
is about your business
not a list of features!

We have a question for you.

Did your CRM choice just amount to going with the flow, or does it help you accomplish your business objectives?

We believe that for many small and medium businesses the answer is the former.  For many companies, there are some heavily marketed, and very popular CRM designed specifically for very large companies. While they may be world-class, the business model they provide is simply not cost effective for small, and medium business.

Big CRM Company Model


Self-Educate yourself on many different software feature sets so you don’t pay for a feature you don’t need.
Purchase – Work with a sales rep to buy the right feature list, sign an annual license and probably never speak to the rep again until renewal time.
Implement – Figure it out on your own, or hire an implementation company for big $.
Train – Self educate, buy interactive courseware or create training – one size fits all, not customized to your business or your business model.
Add-Ons – Discover that features like Lead Distribution, Landing Page set up and Lead capture require 3rd party add-ons. Purchase Add-On seat licenses.

LeadMaster Model


Assessment – Sit down with a consultant and layout your sales, lead generation, and marketing automation priorities.
Simplified Transparent Pricing – Estimate seats for sales, marketing, and inside sales people – a set price for full functionality or very inexpensive sales users. If you have users that only enter records, for example phone reps, they are free.
Rapid Set up – Go through a time tested (20 years) set up process, we use templates and customize them to your company. Your system can be up and running within as little as 48 hours.
Liftoff – LeadMaster is an all-in-one solution. Get up and running without buying add-ins.
Ongoing support – We’ll keep a person assigned to you, so that every time you call in, you hear a familiar voice. They’ll know your business. They helped setup your system. You won’t have to explain your business every time you call.
Growth Path – If your needs grow and you need to interface our solution with other systems, we will walk you through the steps, or we can inexpensively provide help should you need it.

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At LeadMaster, we believe in keeping it simple. That’s why our online sales management system for healthcare applications features an intuitive design that’s easy to use and learn, as well as streamlined processes that make it simple for your sales and marketing teams to work together.

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