LeadMaster CRM for Truck & Trailer Sales

Automotive, truck and trailer sales teams sometimes find it difficult to locate an all-in-one solution. Most dealerships are forced to buy two or three different applications to market and manage their prospects and accounts. At LeadMaster, we believe in keeping things simple, which is why our custom solution offers your company an all-inclusive and affordable solution.


Sales reps and managers love the simplicity of managing their prospects and accounts from a single page that includes recent sales information from the deal jacket, email history, customer notes and much more.
LeadMaster’s integration with CDK Global is a win for dealerships needing an automated way to extract deal information nightly and update their CRM. Using our latest prospecting tools, marketing automation and account management system, gives your company a competitive advantage.
LeadMaster’s Lead management nurtures people who aren’t ready to buy and guides them through the buying process. LeadMaster’s effective lead management helps automate prospect nurturing, until they’re ready to be converted to customers by the sales team.

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At LeadMaster, we’re passionate about helping you upgrade your productivity, efficiency and conversion rates. That’s why our cloud-based software offers customization, convenience and automation that’ll leave your team smiling.

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