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Most common problems/errors

If a user gets deactivated, what will happen to the callbacks and events assigned to him/her?

The following features are linked to a user’s logon:

  • Calendar/Items
  • Saved Searches
  • Personal Dashboard
  • User Settings

In the event that a user is deleted/deactivated, their assigned callbacks/tasks will no longer show on the Group Calendar – but they remain on the system and accessible from the Callback Reports and Record page.

Does the Download Scheduler include attached files?

The download scheduler does not include attached files of any kind (Word, Excel, audio files from click-to-call recordings, etc).

Is there a limit to the number of fields that can be charted?

Yes, the maximum number of fields that will display for any given Chart is 15.

What privilege should be turned on to allow the user to merge records?

Merge records is enabled by turning on Archive Records in Logon Management.

Is there any way to recover a merged record?

Yes, the record that was merged is placed in the Archive. If you have the privileges you can search the archive and restore the merged record.

Do you have any tools that can be used to check the Spam score of emails I'd like to send out using e-Marketing?

The application itself does not provide that functionality.Ā  There are several free tools that can be found on-line such asĀ Mail Tester – a third-party tool that can help check the spamminess of your emails.

Want to know about outlook integration options?

LeadMaster offers 2 versions of integration for Outlook.

  • The original plugin, LeadMasterā€™s CRM Outlook Sync, allows the user to sync their calendar and contacts as well as allowing the user to attach emails, sent and received, to contacts in LeadMasterā€™s CRM. The current release is May 2018 versionĀ 
  • The new extension introduced in August 2019, LeadMasterā€™s CRM Extension for Outlook, extends LeadMaster to the email client. It allows the user to create a new record, send email using email templates, add notes, update contact information, attach emails to contacts in the CRM and add contacts to lead nurturing.

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