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Super Easy Marketing Automation

Managing leads and moving them through your company’s sales funnel takes time. Not only does your team have to connect and communicate with clients across multiple channels. They also have to track the progress of customers, identify when each is ready to buy and measure the campaign’s performance to boost conversion ratios. Our marketing automation solution gives you the tools to streamline those tasks.

  • Email marketing – you too can do email marketing!
  • Drip marketing – don’t be forgotten!
  • Lead nurturing – communicate with meaningful messages!
  • Automated emails – the system sends them for you!
  • Email marketing tracking and reports – who is opening, who is clicking – those are the best prospects!
  • Campaign management and analysis – what works and what doesn’t!
  • Website analytics – website visitors appear in the CRM as leads, even when they don’t fill out a form!

How Marketing Automation Drives Performance

Our marketing automation and CRM system help you drive performance by providing the tools to:

Streamline your marketing tasks so that you can reach and process more leads.
Automate your manual tasks to cut costs and help your marketing and sales teams focus on closing sales, acquiring new leads and more.
Measure your marketing campaign’s performance so that you can see how to make your efforts more persuasive to leads.
Convert your sales funnel into a streamlined process that lets you handle more transactions and convert more leads.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business looking to drive sales, growth and productivity, you can trust the best provider of marketing automation software on the market — LeadMaster — to deliver.

Marketing Automation and CRM Work together

At LeadMaster, we’ve thought about what marketers need to reach their target audience and process consumers through their company’s sales funnel. That’s why our marketing automation solution includes a suite of go-to features, as well as a rules-based automation for customization.

With this program, you set up your system how you want. You’ll be able to decide how it’ll track, score and nurture leads without hassle. You can also define rules for drip marketing and email marketing. Once your system is set, it’ll handle establishing and maintaining contact, plus progress its level of connection with your leads. You can expect the following results:

Sales teams that have the information they need to close deals with prospects.
Prospects who are closer to your business, instead of a competitor’s, when they make a purchasing decision.
Staff that has critical analytical data to plan future marketing campaigns.
To learn more about the automation features of our solution, check out the LeadMaster Task Manager.

Advantages of LeadMaster Marketing Automation

Leading companies like Amazon demonstrate how useful marketing automation is in today’s business world. At LeadMaster, we bring the potential of this powerful tool to everyone, from small to large businesses. Distinct benefits of our cloud-based marketing automation and CRM tool include that it is:
Scalable: Our system grows with you. Whether you need enough seats for 10 users or 1,000, our solution adapts to your changing needs.
Affordable: For any business, the goal is the same — to thrive. We help you do just that with competitive, affordable rates that let you achieve new marketing and sales goals without straining your budget.
Intuitive: No one enjoys a complicated system. Our marketing automation and CRM system feature an intuitive design that’s easy to learn and set up. In fact, we can have you ready to go in 10 minutes.

Try a Free Trial of Our Marketing Automation Solution

LeadMaster is a name that companies in and outside of the marketing automation industry trust. Our marketing automation tools and CRM system offer a customizable, performance-driven experience that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes. It’s why our marketing automation software is among the best.

Want to see what LeadMaster can do for your company? Try a free 30-day trial of our marketing automation solution today — no payment information required! If you have questions or want to learn more about our CRM system, contact us or call us at 1-800-699-4164 to chat with one of our Certified LeadMaster Consultants.

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