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LeadMaster CRM for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), CRM’s are difficult to find. Many are built with Fortune 500 companies in mind, which make their features and costs excessive for smaller companies. At LeadMaster, we believe in helping businesses of all sizes, which is why our custom CRM for SMBs offers your company an efficient and affordable solution.

Advantages of Our Web-Based Lead Tracking for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Traditional competition is fierce. New competitors seem to erect new websites daily. While modern innovations have helped companies gain footing into your industry, they have also lowered the barrier of entry to powerful sales and marketing automation tools.

What was once only available to Fortune 500 companies can now be deployed in small businesses at a price that’s affordable and reasonable. LeadMaster’s All-In-One CRM for Small Business features easy-to-deploy tools that will make your company look like a corporate giant, without taking away your small business flair.

Advantages of our web-based lead tracking software for small and medium-sized businesses include:


Implementing a top-flight Small Business CRM can make all the difference between success and failure. Keeping track of new orders, managing and tracking leads, managing call center and customer communications are just three features you can look forward to enjoying. Plus, our team can help you incorporate additional tools into our CRM for SMBs, as it’s customizable.


Web-based lead tracking for small businesses can come with an expensive price tag — but not ours. We understand your company’s needs, which is why buying software or hardware isn’t necessary with our CRM for small and mid-sized businesses. Plus, you never have to sign a contract. Even better? We’ll have you up and running in 48 hours and can teach you how to use the software in an hour.


For any business, it’s essential to be organized. With our cloud-based CRM, which offers online sales tracking for small and medium businesses, we help your team access, update and review information in a snap. That way, if customers call with questions, you can provide answers fast.


Using multiple programs can become a time-sink, especially if your team spends a good part of their day switching between programs. Our web-based lead tracking software for small and medium businesses integrates with tons of applications, including Salesforce.

Features of LeadMaster CRM for Mid-Sized Businesses

Our CRM for mid-sized businesses includes the following features:

Automate Business Rules and Workflow: A rules-based CRM engine simplifies tasks and does the heavy lifting.

Marketing Automation: Nurture customers and prospects, plus score sales inquiries.

Landing Page Integration: Identify website visitors and catalog their behavior.

Website Integration: Gather data from your site through a seamless process.

Closed-Loop Practices: Track all your business processes from start to finish.

Lead Management: Follow up on leads to not only get more customers, but also to keep more customers.

Cost Savings: See cost reductions all around as your business gets streamlined.

Get a Free Trial of Our CRM Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

At LeadMaster, our goal is to provide your team with the tools to deliver an all-star customer experience, whether that’s by tracking and nurturing leads or assisting and caring for existing clients. With our web-based lead tracking software for small and medium businesses, you can do more without paying more.

Try a 30-day free trial of our CRM platform for small and medium-sized businesses — no payment information required — today to see what our cloud-based and customizable software can bring to your company. If you have questions, feel free to contact our exceptional team at 1-800-699-4164.