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Opportunity and Pipeline Management Software

Whether you manage one behemoth-sized account or a territory with a village of smaller accounts, it can be difficult to track product lines, prices changes and all the details associated with every opportunity. Chances are — unless you’re selling airplanes — you may have dozens of deals going at a time with a history that goes back months and even years.

If you’ve ever lost track of a lead you know you need something to help keep track of prospects and proposals.
LeadMaster is the answer.

Our opportunity and pipeline management software provides opportunity tracking for every contact so you’ll know the exact details of each deal. Plus, it supplies data for already-quoted deals and lets your team forecast opportunities that have yet to reach the estimate stage.

Features of the LeadMaster Opportunity Management Software

At LeadMaster, we’ve thought about the challenges small, medium and large-sized companies face when it comes to lead opportunity management. That’s why our opportunity management software includes several features that make your job easier and your team more productive.

Tools that make our cloud-based software one of the best include the ability to:


Track opportunities:

Log every detail of leads, from their recommended solution to their win probability, with our opportunity and pipeline management software for sales teams of every size. You can even attach files, such as proposals, for easy reference.

Forecast opportunities:

Boost productivity and free up your sales representatives’ time with opportunity forecasts for your supervisors or managers. With the click of a button, your sales management team can access and review the latest automated projections, which include factors like win probability, sales stage and more.

Access real-time data:

Deliver real-time data to your sales department with our opportunity management software. Whether you need the newest forecast data or the latest opportunity notes, you can find them within our easy-to-use, cloud-based system.

Together, these three features work to save time, enhance productivity and improve sales.

Benefits of LeadMaster Pipeline Management Software for Sales

Our pipeline management software for sales teams offers several must-have advantages, including:

Fast setup

Unlike other solutions for managing opportunities, our contact management system is online. It’s cloud-based, which eliminates the need to invest in hardware upgrades or day-long training seminars. Instead, your secure lead opportunity management system is ready within 10 minutes.

Quick integration

Compatibility is a non-issue with our management solution for sales leads. LeadMaster CRM integrates with hundreds of applications via Zapier & PieSync. Plus, our cloud-based solution plays friendly with many VoIP providers, including EVS.

Affordable prices

We take pride in helping companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. That’s why we keep our rates competitive, as we base our price structure on a per-user fee that’s affordable for companies of every size.

Scalable design

Whether you’re searching for an opportunity management software for Salesforce or another program, you can trust that our lead opportunity management application will scale to you and your sales team’s needs.

With these unique advantages, our opportunity management software has become one of the best automation solutions for Salesforce and other applications that clients use in a range of industries.

With these unique advantages, our opportunity management software has become one of the best automation solutions for Salesforce and other applications that clients use in a range of industries.

Try Our Opportunity and Pipeline Software for Sales

At LeadMaster, thousands of companies trust our customizable opportunity and pipeline software for sales. Why? Because we care about our clients. That’s why we’re always working to implement more innovative features into our opportunity management software that not only make your job easier but also make your company more productive.

Want to see what our cloud-based or online contact management system can do? Try a free 30-day trial today — no payment information required! You’re also more than welcome to contact us or call us at 1-800-699-4164 to talk to one of our Certified LeadMaster Consultants about our customizable management solution for leads.

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