Pipeline Management

Insist On Accurate Forecasting

Most likely, you have used one or more tools to facilitate your sales pipeline process. In many cases, spreadsheets and email tools fail to meet expectations.

The LeadMaster CRM presents data intuitively with a comprehensive sales application. Sales rollup numbers can be shared easily between team members. Having a consolidated view of the pipeline makes monthly and quarterly forecasts more accurate.

We can expect to see a surge in the number of sales CRM platforms over the next few years. CRM sales productivity applications will be used by more than half of all businesses.  Customer satisfaction, retention rates, and overall costs have already been proven to increase with effective sales CRM software.

CRM Sales Insight

Adding a proven sales pipeline management software to your sales efforts can help you avoid missed opportunities. You’ll gain better insight into every step along the way, from planning sales strategies to assessing campaign results. Based on the results, you can improve the direction and results of your future sales efforts. 

Benefits LeadMaster CRM for sales pipelines include:

  • Improved sales revenue
  • More accurate sales forecasting
  • Increased staff and customer satisfaction
  • Less staff turnover, resulting in reduced recruitment costs
  • Greater productivity for teams and individuals

LeadMaster Sales Software

Our sales CRM software includes dozens of features that makes the job of forecasting easier and more productive.

Kanban view

Log  details of each sales opportunity, from initial qualification to forecasting win probability. Easily customize your views for clarity on all deals that are coming down the pike.


With the click of a button, your sales team can access and review the latest automated projections, which include factors like win probability, sales stage, size, product types and more.


Deliver real-time data to your sales department with our opportunity management software. Whether you need the newest forecast data or the latest opportunity notes, you can find them within our easy-to-use, cloud-based system.

Benefits of LeadMaster CRM


We are cloud-based, which eliminates the need to invest in hardware upgrades or day-long training seminars.  Your secure CRM pipeline can be ready in a day.


LeadMaster CRM integrates with hundreds of applications via Zapier & our robust API’s. Plus, our cloud-based solution plays friendly with many VoIP providers.


We take pride in helping companies of all sizes, small & large.  Our software licensing fees are based on monthly per-user. 


Whether you’re searching for a sales pipeline solution, or a full CRM program, you can trust that LeadMaster CRM can scale to your company requirements.

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