Welcome LeadMaster Developers

LeadMaster provides you with all the resources you need to test and manage your integrations via LeadMaster’s API portal.

LeadMaster provides access to your information via our API. Using straightforward API calls you can create a custom dashboard, interface with another online application or simply create a custom report using the data stored in LeadMaster. Using the LeadMaster API you can add users to the hierarchy, add data, edit data, delete data and much more. Click on the get started here link and fill out the Developer form, you’ll receive an email with access to the API. Questions? Give us a call 800-699-4164. We also have API Calls to Integrate with Outlook

How to Get Started

1 – Contact your LeadMaster representative to configure API access.

3 – Review Concepts in the test environment.

2 – Access the API using the API Key you received in step #1.

4 – Go Live

Easy and Intuitive. Get to know the LeadMaster SOAP API and the LeadMaster REST API.

Once you’ve completed your testing contact LeadMaster so we can help promote your solution.

Why Integrate?

There isn’t a single solution that does everything everyone wants. Integration is the easiest way to get the best solution possible.

If you are a software developer and have a complimentary solution we want to work with you.
If you are a customer or prospect and have a need for LeadMaster to integrate with another solution, let us know and we’ll see if it makes good business sense to make that happen.

New to LeadMaster? Learn more about our API, get started here. Questions? Give us a call 800-699-4164.

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