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We are a customer driven organization.  Years of client feedback has transformed our CRM application into a highly flexible, adaptable CRM solution. Our customers receive a robust, highly adaptable application at a price that makes good business sense.

CRM, lead management, and marketing automation systems are no longer disparate systems.  LeadMaster, combined with CRM-Xpress mobile, provides you with everything needed to run your business at a price that you can afford.


  1. Much easier than a traditional mobile app.
  2. It has a rich set of features.
  3. It’s cost-effective.

 All versions access the same CRM data.

Mix & Match users, upgrade/downgrade anytime, no annual contract required.


  • Update the Status of Leads and/or the Sales Stage from the Accounts List
  • Add Callbacks, ToDo’s, and Reminders
  • Add notes (use the microphone on your phone for fast and easy updates)
  • Create Quotes and Opportunities
  • Attach files (proposals, for example)
  • Access Forms and Customer Support Cases
  • Merge Records, Assign Leads, Archive and Delete Records
  • Send Emails and Nurture leads

CRM-Xpress helps turn leads into customers!  You won’t be grappling to learn a difficult CRM system. Your team can concentrate on the most important part of their job – sales.

Plus you save money as you don’t have to pay for a full license. Compared with other CRM and marketing automation systems, that could equate to savings measured in the thousands.

With crm-Xpress your users can

A full-featured CRM that is easy to learn & use:

• It’s built using the bootstrap framework so it looks & works
the same whether you’re on a mobile device or in a browser
on your desktop/laptop.

• CRM-Xpress accesses the same database as LeadMaster
Professional users so sharing data between sales, marketing
and operations is seamless.

You can mix and match users.

• Upgrade/downgrade anytime

• No annual contract required.

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