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Do you have members of your team who need access to lead information so they can convert them into sales, but have no need for the full features of a CRM?

When you use other CRM solutions you have limited choices in this situation. Usually it involves buying a full license, even though some members of your team never use the CRM functionality.

LeadMaster is different as we offer Lead-Xpress. It is a tool that is designed to meet the needs of companies that need to distribute leads quickly & efficiently.  Lead distribution can be automated by a wide variety of criteria.

Leads are quickly and easily viewed and updated on any device with internet access providing you with the disposition of every lead.  So you’ll know what’s working and what’s not – and who’s working and who’s not.

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Why Lead-Xpress?

With Lead-Xpress your direct sales people get access to all of the sales and marketing automation functions of LeadMaster but instead of them learning to use a CRM system, everything is done via email.

They can receive assigned xpress leads and they update the status of those leads, all through their email. That means they can even do it on the go, using the email app on their phone.

With Lead-Xpress your users can:

  • Update the status of a lead (new, made contact, qualified, selling, proposal submitted, negotiation, proposal accepted)
  • Add notes (use the microphone on the phone and there’s no typing – quick & easy)
  • Attach files (proposals, for example)
  • Turn leads into customers
  • Forecast sales

And they can do all of this with having to log into the CRM system. This makes it easier for them to do their job, particularly when they are on the go. And because they are not grappling with a CRM system they can concentrate on the most important part of their job – closing sales.

Plus you save money as you don’t have to pay for a full license. Compared with other CRM and marketing automation systems that are available, that could equate to savings measured in the thousands.

At $10/mo it’s affordable.  All versions accesses the same data.

  • LeadMaster Professional – $50
  • CRM-Xpress – $15
  • Lead-Xpress – $10

Mix & Match users, upgrade/downgrade anytime, no annual contract required.

At LeadMaster We Know Business

We are customer focused.  Customer feedback has made LeadMaster as flexible and adaptable as possible so that you get what you need at a price that makes sense.

CRM, lead management and marketing automation systems are no longer separate systems. With LeadMaster you can get what you need to grow your business at a price that you can afford.

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