Smart queue

For most businesses, raw prospects and customer inquiries can come from a variety of sources. The challenge is to ensure higher priority inquiries are worked first. You have to determine what standards set these priorities and how to communicate them to your team. Across these sources and checkpoints, it can prove to be a challenge to manage and organize your leads and close sales.

LeadMaster offers a tool that solves this problem by automatically prioritizing and distributing leads to your team based on your standards. Watch the video to see how Smart Queue will make your lead management easier, and get in touch with LeadMaster today to learn more.


When you enable the Smart Queue tool in your LeadMaster software, it will:

Organize prospects and customer call records from different sources

Automatically serve them up to an inside call center in prioritized order (score)

Deliver high-priority records to the agent

Cost-effective calling

LeadMaster and the Smart Queues are integrated with a variety of cloud dialing solutions, providing cost-effective click-to-call and power dialing.

Management-defined prioritizing

Smart Queues allow management to pre-define how leads are scored, keeping the guesswork out of the hands of the call team.

Reduced training time

The Smart Queue tool is easy to use ‚ÄĒ¬†no smart calling training necessary. Simply¬†click the ‚ÄėEnter Smart Queue‚Äô¬†button¬†in the Smart Queue tab,¬†and the most¬†crucial¬†lead appears.

Improved productivity

With Smart Queue, there’s no need for manually scheduling callbacks. As soon as the current prospect is dispositioned, the next prospect appears in the Smart Queue.

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