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CRM Software for Higher Education Recruiting

Millions of students graduate from high school each year. Many begin their college or vocational school search months, or even years, in advance. With the growing competition in the education field, it’s essential to capture, track and nurture these potential students into members of your academic community. At LeadMaster, our CRM software for education is here to help.

Remain Competitive With the Power of Lead Management Software for Universities

At LeadMaster, our all-in-one, custom lead management software for universities helps you cover all your bases, from tracking and nurturing leads to evaluating marketing campaigns, so you can hit a home run with potential students across the country.

We understand the shifting landscape of education, with the next generation of students not only showing an early interest in college, but also weighing several universities before making their decision. It’s essential to send a clear message that your school is the best possible choice if you want to keep students on track for enrolling with your school — and you’ll need to reinforce this message for months, or even years.

Competition is getting stiff for colleges as new “universities” are popping up all over the Internet. If you want to stay competitive, you need a way to reach out to your leads and keep them interested. Do you have the visibility you need to keep up?

Features and Functions of LeadMaster CRM for Higher Education

To provide your university with a competitive advantage, the LeadMaster CRM for higher education includes several useful features and functions that boost your productivity and success in converting potential students into the newest members of your student body.

With our CRM software for higher education, you can tackle the following tasks with ease:

Capture leads from all sources and organize them to your standards
Route leads to your admissions staff in an instant
Read and Send email replies without switching applications
View information anytime and anywhere with cloud-based access of our CRM for the education industry
Generate reports on your marketing efforts automatically
Increase your marketing return on investment (ROI)
Create and send lead nurturing emails on an automatic, scheduled basis
Stay engaged with your prospects and keep track of all interactions
Mine data for future marketing campaigns

Understanding the challenges today’s universities — big and small — is the secret behind our CRM for education. We’ve studied the hurdles that admissions, public relations and administration teams are facing in higher education and resolved them with our web-based contact management software for higher education.

Go Beyond Recruitment With Lead Management Software for Universities

While recruitment is a crucial focus of our lead management software for universities, it’s also a helpful tool for other departments within higher education, such as the following:

  • Administration
  • Student Records
  • Staff Management
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Alumni Management
  • Communications
  • Public Relations

Whether your college is looking to streamline your management and upkeep of student records or boost fundraising and recruitment efforts, you can trust our CRM for education facilities to deliver the efficiency and ease your team is looking for.

Start Reaching New Heights With a Free Trial of LeadMaster CRM for Education

At LeadMaster, we value the role of education and educators. That’s why we’ve developed our CRM for the education field, designing it to handle the daily challenges your university experiences, taking your college to new heights in recruitment, contact management and more. Discover what our CRM software for higher education can bring to your school by trying a free 30-day trial — no credit card information required. If you have any questions, you can always contact our Certified LeadMaster Consultants to learn more at 1-800-699-4164!

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