CRM  Sales & Marketing Solutions
for Senior Housing & Home Health Agencies

 LeadMaster helps answer critical questions.   

Where are my cases coming from?  Emails, Website, Calls, Events, Reps…
Who are my referral sources?  Physicians, Nurses, Case Managers, Social Workers
Who are the decision makers?  Who are the influencers?  What is their potential?

The LeadMaster platform helps improve sales in senior housing, independent living, supported housing assisted living, personal care homes and home health agencies.  You’ll be able to improve lead management, capturing referrals, tracking sales and reporting on the metrics important to you.   

Keep track of all account types: Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Medical Office Buildings, Specialists, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Clinics,  Long Term Acute Care… 

Gain insight into key performance metrics through our customized reporting and business intelligence solutions.


Why Senior Living & Home Health businesses need LeadMaster CRM

Streamline tasks and improve productivity

Spend less time looking for the information you need about your contacts and interactions. Instead, with all of the data you require right at your fingertips, you can be more productive and convert more leads into sales.

Personalize customer interactions

By being more informed with constantly updated customer information, you can deliver service that’s tailored to each customer’s needs. Now, when you’re interacting with customers, it’s with a comprehensive view of their expectations. This knowledge makes it easier to exceed expectations and, as a result, develop customer trust that can last a lifetime.

Engage customers on preferred channels

Forget about cold calling. Using our CRM puts you in the driver’s seat by knowing when and how-to best contact potential customers through the channel each individual prefers. Plus, with sufficient information about where each customer is in the buyer’s lifecycle, you can align your communications to meet the present needs of each customer — instead of missing an opportunity to establish a customer-centered relationship.

Transform your marketing potential

LeadMaster gives you the data you need to spot trends early, see engagement opportunities clearly and, best of all, design marketing campaigns that speak to your potential customers in a manner that makes the most sense to them. With customizable reports on your customer data, you’ll never have to make a marketing decision again without the comprehensive and insightful information you need to make it a meaningful one.

Features of LeadMaster CRM for Senior Living & Post Acute Care

Automate Business Rules and Workflow: A rules-based CRM engine simplifies tasks and does the heavy lifting. For example, with a single click on a checkbox you can send an introductory email, schedule a follow-up call and add notes into the CRM.
Marketing Automation: Nurture customers and prospects, plus score sales inquiries.
Landing Page Integration: Identify website visitors and catalog their behavior.
Website Integration: Gather data from your site through a seamless process.
Online Marketing Spend: Track, measure and improve how your marketing dollars are invested.
Custom Forms: Capture the regulatory and important customer data that you need to identify the best prospects to pursue.
Lead Management: Follow up on leads to not only get more customers, but also to keep more customers.
Cost Savings: See cost reductions all around as your business gets streamlined.

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At LeadMaster, our goal is to provide your team with the tools to deliver an all-star customer experience, whether that’s by tracking and nurturing leads or assisting and caring for existing clients. With our web-based lead tracking software for small and medium businesses, you can do more without paying more.

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