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LeadMaster’s CRM & Sales Acceleration Solutions makes your sales team more efficient than ever

Click Notes

Typing notes takes too much time. Reps can enter pertinent information from sales calls with a single click of a button using ‘Quick Actions’. LeadMaster quick actions represent all the notes that are typically taken during your sales calls. Using quick actions you’ll minimize the time spent trying to remember and gather notes to manually put into your CRM hours or days after the call occurred. Instead make it easy and efficient capture prospects’ information as it occurs – with just a click.

Call Scripts

LeadMaster takes call scripts help guide a sales rep through their calls. The sales team can input information gathered during the sales call right in the script for each prospect. Easily reference the collected data any time to make sure all the relevant information was gathered.

The Sales Process Repository

Fill the sales library with consistent, best practice content that your sales reps can use before and during their calls. LeadMaster allows you to organize your sales playbook in a way that leads and coaches your sales reps through the sales process from start to finish.

Update and add content to your library at any time to ensure that your reps have the best and most accurate content and you can alert your team to new content.

Automatically track and report where your sales reps are spending their time so you can coach them on how they can improve.

Campaign Builder

Create sophisticated email drip campaigns. Using a trigger-based decision tool you can create a series of IF / THEN conditions that send additional content to prospects based upon what their interaction with emails, landing pages and your reps. Quickly and easily create emails with targeted messages. The system will track track the opens and clicks on the emails you’ve sent. Build compelling landing pages with smart forms to promote your brand, products and website.

Website Visitor Insights

LeadMaster turns anonymous website visitors into warm leads. The system tracks web pages visited, time spent on pages, search words used, referring URLs and company information. LeadMaster’s powerful web tracking feature captures information about visitors browsing your site, providing actionable insights.


The Sales Acceleration system helps you identify your best prospects in real-time. The marketing and lead management finally become repeatable and measurable. Track online behaviors, engagement, landing page response rates, campaign ROI, and more. LeadMaster’s visual reports and analytics allow you to optimize marketing tactics, see what’s working and what’s not, and predict future revenue from campaigns.


Because it is cloud-based you can save time and money while also having the peace of mind that your team is always using the very latest and most secure version of the platform. LeadMaster’s Sales Acceleration is affordable, whatever size business you operate. Rather than it being a cost it will pay for itself many times over in new sales and saved resources.

Key LeadMaster Sales Acceleration Features

Affordable – to suit the needs of your business
Easy to use – get up and running right away
Adaptable – switch features and functions on and off as required
Cloud based – access anywhere you have internet service
Secure and updated – you don’t have to worry about upgrades or complex IT infrastructure

Until now, only big businesses could afford to deploy sophisticated Sales Acceleration systems. With LeadMaster you can now get a cost effective solution that will manage your leads and help you close more deals.

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