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How do companies manage and distribute leads in the mortgage and debt sectors? Probably with some struggle if they’re without a smart, comprehensive CRM built for the mortgage and debt applications. With our CRM lead management software for mortgage companies and debt applications, we help you make the most of your leads.


Smart Queues

Smart Queues: Smart Queues provide the ability to organize prospects and customer call records from different sources and automatically serve them up to the sales team in prioritized order. Once a caller enters a pre-defined Smart Queue the system intelligently determines which call records will have the highest priority (score) and begins to deliver them to the agent.  With our contact management software for mortgage and debt applications, your team can do more in less time.


We’ve designed our CRM software for mortgage and debt applications. We even customize it to your company’s individual needs, which helps you boost your productivity, efficiency, and conversion rates.


Lead Management: The challenge with leads for mortgage and debt industries is that they come from everywhere and need fast action. LeadMaster’s all-in-one solution imports all your leads onto one easy-to-use platform that you and your sales team can access from anywhere. Our intuitive lead management tool helps you sort through the leads you have, which makes working with them so much easier.



As one of the best lead management systems for mortgage and debt companies, our CRM includes several tools to help your team accomplish the following tasks:

  • Fannie Mae Compatible: LeadMaster is compatible with the Fannie Mae format. Export your data from LeadMaster with a click of the mouse and it’s ready to be imported into any Fannie Mae compatible loan origination system.
  • Click-To-Call: Improve the speed and quantity of calls with Click-to-Call, which makes calling hassle-free.
  • Get Organized: Forget the time-sink of deciding a lead’s priority or creating a conversion game plan by using the organizational and automated features of our CRM for mortgage and debt companies.
  • Automatically Use Drip Marketing: Our contact management software for mortgage and debt applications works 24/7 to convert to those hard to persuade leads.
  • Delegate With Ease: Assign leads to team members that work with them.
  • Get Performance: Mortgage and loan officers can assess leads more effectively with our mortgage lead tracking software. Can you say ROI?
  • Get ROI: Monitor the success of your efforts with our CRM for mortgage and debt companies. Managers can have a big-picture view of what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Control: LeadMaster’s Mortgage and Debt CRM puts you in charge, not your paperwork. That gives you and your team the option to do more.

Whether you’re a company with 10 employees or 1000, you can trust our team to build and customize your debt and mortgage tracking software to your exact needs — in addition to helping you set it up in 48 hours. Convenient, right?


Manage Valuable Leads, Close More Properties. Your agents want more leads. More clients are looking to buy. Can you imagine how your firm will blossom if you can stay connected and actively manage all current and long-term leads? You’ll need to track them all within an intelligent sales CRM tool. LeadMaster’s Real Estate sales and marketing automation system will help to ensure you are in firm command of the entire lead distribution and sales follow-up process.

Funnel all your leads, regardless of where you get them.

Distribute leads to the right agent, no matter where they are – anytime, anywhere access.


Send reminders to ensure no leads get left behind.

Automatically nurture leads using drip marketing for long-term prospects.

Empower your agency – real-time updating of agent productivity and forecasting.

Dramatically improve your ROI.


Automatically generate reports.

Analyze leads at just the click of a button.

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