Mortgage & Loan Industry 

Powerful Tools, Close More Loans

Are loan companies efficient in collecting, distributing, and closing leads? Many organizations struggle because they don’t have  a modern applications that will drive the process. LeadMaster Solution’s Group offers a software suite helps you maximize the conversion of leads and client referrals.

We’ll customize our apps to match your company’s specific needs.  It will help to boost productivity, efficiency, and conversion rates. Once the loan is approved we can  transfer key information over to your preferred loan processing software.

Application Features 

Smart Queues

Smart Queues is a feature that organizes prospects from different lead sources and prioritizes them for loan officer follow-up.  The system intelligently determines which call records will have the highest priority (score) and makes them available to agents.


A challenge for loan companies is the fact that leads come from multiple sources.  Opportunities needs to be consolidated and scored.  Leads also need lightning fast follow-up.  LeadMaster manages the process using automated workflow.

Your team can handle more opportunities in less time. Campaign ROI is easily measured.

Loan Pipeline Management


Mortgage lead management software includes:

  • Fannie Mae compatible. with¬†API integration
  • VOiP phone integration. Improve¬†speed and voice quality¬†
  • Fully customized workflows for your business requirements
  • Drip Marketing. Convert longer term leads into sales
  • Easily assign and reassign leads to your loan team
  • Prioritize leads using our SMART QUEUE Application.
  • Monitor success. Get a clear picture of what‚Äôs working well

Whether you’re a company with ten employees or ten thousand, you can trust our team to build and customize your mortgage marketing & tracking software to your exact needs. We’ll help you set it up in 48 hours. Convenient, right?

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