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Highly customizable LeadMaster FEATURES FOR  INSURANCE & Finance. 

Imagine supercharging your sales and marketing efficacy, all while maximizing your return on investment (ROI). That may seem like a far-off dream with other online lead managing software for insurance companies, but at LeadMaster, we make it a reality.

Features of our all-in-one CRM for insurance companies include the ability to:

Use one program for all your marketing and sales needs
Funnel leads to your agents through a fast, streamlined process
Ensure correct action for leads with our workflow automation component
Collect accurate prospect information
Deliver tailored proposals or products that appeal to your leads

With the precise data of our online lead managing software for insurance companies, your team can follow and convert more leads. And when you give your staff the tools to drive productivity and efficiency, it lends itself to promoting your company’s growth and expansion.


However you incorporate our CRM solutions into your insurance company, such as for relationship and marketing management, you can count on our cloud-based system to impress your insurance agents, supervisors, and executive team.

Benefits that make our system stand out include:

Affordable Rates: Insurances companies rely on our online lead managing software not just because it’s effective, but also because its prices are competitive.
Intuitive Designs: For insurance agencies and brokers, our management software is one of the best. With an intuitive design, teams can pick up on its tools fast, which means zero all-day training seminars.
Hassle-Free Setups: Within 48 hours, our all-in-one CRM for insurance companies is ready to go. Our team will help you set up our cloud-based system, so you can begin using it as soon as possible.
Compatible Builds: Switching between programs is a thing of the past with our CRM solutions for insurance companies. Integrate a slew of apps using PieSync and our leading management software.


Our highly customizable CRM application can be molded to fit your market. LeadMaster includes several features:

  • Easily document every interaction with your customers and prospects
  • Opportunity and pipeline management for lead tracking, forecasting, and contact management
  • Lead management for capturing, nurturing, scoring, distributing, and analyzing leads
  • Workflow Automation for setting up fast, result-driven, and measurable campaigns
  • Email marketing and lead nurturing for launching and analyzing marketing campaigns in an instant
  • Landing pages for streamlined updates to your LeadMaster database

Whether you’re interested in marketing automation, online sales management, or another solution for the financial services industry, you can trust our web-based tracking sales software for financial applications to deliver the results and convenience your team needs.


We’re dedicated to making your day-to-day tasks simpler. That’s why our cloud-based CRM offers several advantages that are bound to satisfy you and your team.

Customize Features

 Tailor our lead tracking solution to your finance company’s needs. Turn features you need on, but keep the ones you don’t need off. With our flexible CRM, we adapt to your preferences.

Meet Set Budgets

Forget exceeding your budget for customer management software for financial advisory or other services. We offer affordable prices, which lets you pay for only what you need.

Integrate Applications

 Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between programs. With our cloud-based solution, you can integrate your favorite applications, like Salesforce — and that makes your workday a lot easier.

Minimize Setup Times

 Take away the financial burden of investing in hardware and software, as well as upgrades to your system, with the fast setup of our web-based sales tracking software for financial With our solution and experienced team, installation only requires 48 hours of your time.

Reduce Training Periods

 Give your team an intuitive, easy-to-use solution and reduce your training times. Instead of spending a whole afternoon learning a new marketing automation tool for the financial services industry, you can have your team up and running in an hour with our CRM.

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