Insurance Industry

Software that drives profits

Insurance firms are often plagued by inefficient communications and complex software. It can frustrate both agents and customers. Using customer relationship management, agents can stay in touch with existing and prospective clients.

Seventy percent of insurance companies are currently using some form of online relationship marketing software to streamline their operations. Through trial and error agents and managers are coming to realize that not all CRM solutions are created equal.

At LeadMaster Solutions Group, we’ve invested over two decades in developing specific software applications for insurance companies.  Our applications deliver tangible benefits for marketing teams, agent/brokers, and managers. A well thought out solution means that you can expect a solid return on your business software investment.

Overcoming hurdles

When prospect and customer information are organized properly marketing and sales teams are more likely to succeed.

Insurance firms look to resolve the most common hurdles that cause prospects not to purchase. These include establishing trust and following through on customer requests.  LeadMaster Solutions Group’s suite of insurance applications makes converting leads into sales easier by overcoming obstacles:

  • Continuously update leads and client profile information.  Ensure your company’s outgoing communications remain on target.
  • Online insurance inquiries grow by the day. The best way to grow your customer base is through effective lead capture and professional follow-up.
  • Companies need to accomplish more with fewer resources.  LeadMaster Solutions Group software works to streamline your entire business process. Teams become more efficient through automation workflow.

Smart insurance apps

Imagine maximizing your ROI through increased sales and marketing effectiveness. Unlike other online relationship marketing software for insurance companies, we can make that a reality. LeadMaster Solutions Group can provide the following benefits:

  • A single program for all your marketing and sales needs
  • Funnel referrals and leads to agents through a streamlined process
  • Ensures the right sales actions are taken
  • Capture accurate prospect information
  • Deliver tailored quotes and proposals

Insurance made simple

The Insurance industry generates a lot of paperwork. LeadMaster Solutions Group helps insurance companies reduces paper hassle and the impact it has on their business. It allows agent to focus on what matters most: retaining loyal customers and converting leads into sales.

Using our custom insurance-based applications, your team will better manage the entire process. 

Application building blocks

Automation to help you succeed:

  • Capture, track and distribute leads by source
  • Engage all prospects through a single platform
  • Prioritize leads, maximize efficiency
  • Utilize drip marketing for long-term prospects
  • Track campaigns automatically
  • Measure lead effectiveness / conversion rates
  • Calculate ROI for marketing campaigns
  • Adjust forecasts based on the success

Agencies will benefit

You can rely on our integrated platform to reach more prospects, convert leads, and satisfy customers.

  • Our software is both effective and affordable
  • It’s intuitive. The simple design translates to high adoption
  • Short implementation rollout.
  • Integrated applications

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